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ACTION ALERT for Tuesday, September 16

ACTION ALERT for Tuesday, September 16 

National Call-In Day

Call your Senators and Representatives TODAY before they support another endless war in the Middle East!

As early as today, Congress is going to vote on a controversial plan to send arms to Syrian rebels

Toll-free number: 1-855-68 NO WAR (1-855-686-6927).

Let them know: 

* You are opposed to providing arms to Syrian rebels.

* You are opposed to US military intervention in Iraq and Syria

* You favor diplomacy and humanitarian aid as the only realistic approach to the threat ofISIS.

Ask for an explanation of where your member of Congress stands on the President’s plan “to destroy ISIS” through military means.

In the past six weeks, America has flown nearly 3,000 missions, deployed more than 1,500 troops, and launched more than 150 airstrikes in Iraq. Just last week, the President announced that our latest war in the Middle East will be ramping up, with increased airstrikes in Iraq and soon also in Syria. 

U.S. airstrikes will not solve the problems we face in Iraq and Syria. Over the past 13 years, we have seen how the unintended consequences of military action can spiral out of control. U.S. bombs, and the civilian deaths they cause, often serve as recruitment tools for groups like ISIS. American supplied weapons have already fallen into the hands of violent extremists.

Info from Win Without War & Other organizations (toll-free number provided by Friends Committee on National Legislation) 



Tuesday, September 16

S 16, Tuesday, 9:00 am. Dattani Court House Action – Rally (hearing at 9:30am)

S 16, Tuesday, 10:00 am – CPMC’s (California Pacific Medical Center) Discriminatory Firing of RN Union Leader – Press Conference

Wednesday, September 17

S17, Wednesday, 12Noon – 1:30pm  – “Oh that old quaint thing – US Constitution” Street Theatre (Berkeley)

S 17, Wednesday 5:30pm – 6:30 pm – Codepink’s Weekly PEACE VIGIL

S 17, Wednesday, 6:30pm – 9:00pm   Constitution Day: Ferguson to Oakland Police Militarization Report Back (Oakland)

Thursday, September 18  

S 18, Thursday, 5:00 pm – 7:00pm – “The Present and Future of California Prisons”

S 18, Thursday, 6:30pm – 8:30pm –  CISPES Movie Night “Hidden in Plain Sight” 

Friday, September 19 

S 19, Friday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm-   The Lessons of Ferguson for Working People and Our Unions

Saturday, September 20

S 20, Saturday, 4:00pm – 8:00pm OCCUPY SF – 3rdCONVERGENCE 

Sunday, September 21

Sunday, Sept. 21, 2:00pm – 5:00pm – CLIMATE  RALLY – Northern California (in solidarity with NYC march)

Friday, September 26

S 26, Friday, 6:00pm -  Kathy Kelly & Stephen Zunes: Paths to Just Peace: San Francisco

Monday, September 29 & Tuesday September 30

S 29 Monday & S 30 Tuesday-   Occupy Beale AFB – Campaign Nonviolence Action at Beale Calling for an end to War, Poverty, and Climate Change

Saturday, October 4

O 4, Saturday, 1:00pm – 6:00pm - No Monster in the Mission! Basta Ya! Historic march for the Mission!

On Going:

First They Came For the Homeless…” is occupying Staples in Berkeley



Support Golden Gate Park  – Yes on Prop H; No on Prop I

Prop.H Save the Beach Chalet natural soccer field with real grass.

Prop. I Cover our park fields with ground up tires.


For details, click and scroll down

Fight Back in Peoples Park

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NorCal Peoples Climate Rally Oakland

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Come to the Rally & Noise Demo

Friday, 5 Sept 2014


Oakland Marriott

1001 Broadway

Oakland, CA


Picket Of Zim Ship Piraeus At Port Of Oakland

ILWU Rank and File Back Picket

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Occupy SF 3rd Convergence

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Oakland Port Blockade Sat16Aug2014


Stop Israel at the Port!
Zionism isn’t welcome in our town!

Block the Israeli Zim Ship at the Port of Oakland
Saturday, August 16th
5am 3PM– meet at West Oakland Bart and march to Berth 57


Endorsed by the OSF Action Council 

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99Rise Banner Drop Sacramento

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Sweet Victory in Sacramento

Hope everyone has seen this. 99 Rise who have come to our meetings in the past have worked on this event for some time and put their shoes to the road in making it to Sacramento and effecting change. Every journey begins with a single step. Many steps have achieved the beginning of the end of $$$$$ controlling our lives with the blessings of elected leaders sanctioning such inequality. Thanks to 99 Rise, they have created Hope through action that will change the course of history in this country.
We respect and congratulate you on a job well done. And thank you.
To: OccupyBob
Sent: 7/3/2014 8:29:44 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Sweet Victory

Hi Friend –
Tonight we celebrate. 

This afternoon the California Senate passed SB1272, the Overturn Citizens United Act, making it the second anti-corruption bill to pass out of the legislature during our occupation.

After the vote, after 480 miles of marching, 12 days of occupation, 47 arrests, and 3 legislative wins, we gathered to announce the end of the #SACsitin. We celebrated our victories and shared a vision for where we go from here. I want to share those things with you and invite you to join our celebration.

Help us celebrate and spread the news of victory by sharing this graphic.

When we set out from Los Angeles 48 days ago, we were determined to make the sacrifice of walking almost 500 miles across California, occupying our state capitol for days, and going to jail because we believed it would do two things. First, we believed our bold action would challenge our elected leaders to acknowledge and act to end the crisis of corruption. The journey was indeed very difficult, the sacrifice real – marked by pain, stress, and fatigue – but our faith in its power has been dramatically confirmed by win after win.

The very first day after our arrival rally & first sit-in at the Capitol, California became the 2nd state in the union to pass a resolution calling for an Article V Convention to propose a money-out 28th Amendment. In the 1st week of our occupation, we joined other democracy activists in filling a hearing room with our bodies & stories and a once-uncertain committee passed the California Disclose Act. And on Monday, as we stood watch in the gallery and held high the new symbol of our movement – one finger raised high, signifying “one person, one vote” political equality – the Assembly passed SB1272.

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Actions for Thu3Jul2014

Thursday, July 3 

J 3, Thursday, 4:00pm , Stop Repression and Union Busting: Rehire the 42 Brazilian Sao Paulo Metro Union Members 

  Brazilian Consulate
  300 Montgomery St., # 300

Using Soccer FIFFA Games Brazilian Government Attacks Transit/Public Workers With Repression, Union Busting And Privatization

URGENT CALL FROM BRAZIL: WE NEED YOUR SOLIDARITY Sao Paulo Transit Workers: Intensify the struggle, defend the right to strike, prevent any punishment, we want to negotiate now.

Everyone has been following the mobilizations going on in Brazil with strikes and demonstration by workers and popular organizations expressing their indignation about the World Cup with its astronomic costs and corruption, all in function of the interests of the multinational companies and FIFA.

But at the same time people have been .putting forward their concrete struggles making demands for salaries, rights, housing, better public services. They have denounced repression and criminalization of dissent, etc.

Bring Your Placards, Banners And Balls

Initially Sponsors  United Public Workers For Action  info [at]

Transport Workers Solidarity Committee For Media information (415)282-1908

J 3, Thursday, 6:00pm, Restore Our Rights! Rally & Speak Out Against Hobby Lobby Ruling

Powell and Market Cable Car Turnaround (nr Powell St. BART)
San Francisco

Rally and Speak out against the Supreme Court’s decision to allow bosses to deny women insurance for birth control!

Get up and get out. Take to the streets. Flex your muscles a day early for Independence and Freedom for all!

“Don’t take no for an answer. If it didn’t work today, tomorrow is another day.” – Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Bring your signs, your voices and passion for justice.

Join in:


September 20th Committee Meeting, (Before Action Council)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

 12:00 Noon – 2:00pm

  Unite / HERE Local 2
    215 Golden Gate Ave.

All are invited

Contact Pat for info: pat1936@gmail.comm  or (650) 344-2912

Protest Privatizing of Post Office Service (on going) – Berkeley  

  2352 #100 Shattuck (corner of Durant & Shattuck)
  Berkeley, CA

First They Came For the Homeless activists have set up a 24-hour information table to let people know about the Richard Blum’s,[Dianne Feinstein's greedy husband] links to the thieving & privatization of our postal service & his financial connections to Staples [where low-wage, non-union clerks are doing postal workers' jobs]

Currently the 24/7 Informational Table is at the Berkeley Staples:

Click below for info:

All are welcomed. Please support